Medical Support Counseling

What my clients say


Ms.  Feldmar is well suited for a private practice in Medical Counseling.  Via phone calls and e-mails before, during, and after my stem cell  transplant, she provided me with verbal support and cues for questions  to ask about resources, treatment plan, outcomes and the like. This  allowed me to become a more calm and well informed patient, confident in  Andrea's approachability, availability, and support at every point in  my cancer journey.

Andrea  Feldmar helped me when I was diagnosed with acute leukemia. I was  overwhelmed, scared, confused and had lost hope. She helped guide me in  the right direction by discussing what my treatment options might be as  well as what questions to ask my healthcare providers. She gave me ideas  on how to cope with my diagnosis and the changes it caused in my life.  Andrea listened to all of my concerns, was there whenever I needed to  talk, and made me feel less alone. She shared her wealth of knowledge  and personal experiences with cancer and serious illness, and with her  help, I learned to be proactive, ask questions, and accept what was  before me with patience, clarity, and hope.

Even though it has  been 10 years since I became acquainted with Andrea, I have never  forgotten what she has done for me. She is an intelligent, educated,  thoughtful, compassionate and caring person whom I would highly  recommend as a counselor for anyone faced with serious health issues.


Four  years ago my family was stricken by my wife’s cancer diagnosis.   Everything and anything that could be done to help her was what we  sought. 

We didn’t know where or what to seek.  Andrea was  recommended as a possible resource and that put us in the competent,  capable, confident and compassionate hands of Andrea Feldmar.  The  course of the disease had many ups and downs, but, Andrea Feldmar’s help  and expertise in dealing with all aspects of the situation was  un-wavering.

I fervently wish that no one would have to deal with  what we dealt with, however, I am certain that if I or anyone I cared  about was in that type of situation, a very important call early in the  process would be to Andrea.

Today, I take great comfort knowing  that we did “the right thing” for my wife, and we couldn’t have known  the right thing without Andrea’s help and dedication.


Medical  Support Counseling is not only something I didn’t even know existed  four years ago, it was the last thing I thought I would ever need.  Ironically, it turned out to be the one thing that kept my family  together throughout the toughest four years of our lives… my mother’s  fight against cancer!

Mom was diagnosed with cancer on a  Saturday, admitted into the hospital on Monday, and began intensive  chemotherapy treatment on Tuesday.  Scared, angry, sad, and instantly  submerged, and I mean deeply submerged into a maze of overwhelming  information and uncontrollable emotions, my sister, father and I were  lost!!

A business associate heard of our situation and gave me a  phone # the following Wednesday. It was Andrea’s # and once again, our  life was changed in an instant.  Andrea became our guiding light, our  guardian angel, our counselor, our teacher, and inevitably our friend.
Andrea  dialed into her years of experience and endless contacts to objectively  guide us to the best institutions and best doctors for every step of  our fight to beat one of the scariest diseases imaginable. Always  realistically optimistic, her “non-medical jargon” explanations made it  easier for all of us to understand what decisions we faced and how it  might affect not only mom, but me, my sister and dad as the caregivers.   In her subtle and unassuming manner, Andrea tapped into our emotions  and helped us remain grounded, calm and aware so that we could remain  strong and supportive for mom while not losing ourselves as individuals.
Mom  is with us only in spirit now, but my family knows that because of  Andrea’s practice, we left no stone unturned and exhausted every option  available to humanity. And for that, we are eternally grateful….

adult son of patient

One  cold day in January 2000, our world turned upside down and my heart  inside out. Am I in the snow globe or outside of it looking in? My  middle daughter, Rebecca, at 4 years old was diagnosed with leukemia.  Months of shock, disbelief, and heartache followed. I have never felt  such pain and disorientation. I also had an eight month old daughter and  a 6 year old daughter. I was lost and felt so alone. In the face of my  daughters, I was strong, fun, upbeat, and full of faith. What choice do  you have when they look to you to lead the way? The only way through  these dark woods was to accept this path and follow it with grace,  faith, fight, and fun and look for the light. . . .any light.

Inside  I was screaming, “God, Please send me help! Please let there be someone  out there who has experienced what I am feeling... please help me out  of the fog and send me a light house, a beacon of light to guide me out  of the darkest woods.” Unbelievable, the next day, my prayers were  answered. Andrea called me. She said, “You don’t know me, but you will. I  know what you are feeling and I will help you.” I knew Andrea could not  see the tears on my face as I knew instinctively with those words that  this would be a relationship that not only would guide me, but change my  life forever. Andrea not only brought peace, hope, and strength to me  but also was able to help me bring it to myself and my family. Andrea’ s  gentle yet strong words of wisdom, experience, and insight not only  helped me survive emotionally but enabled me to thrive. Yes,  thrive...know when and how to stand up and fight, investigate, research,  and maneuver the medical and insurance field to get the absolute best  treatment and care for my daughter. Thrive to become the rock that all  my children needed to know that life may have its unknown paths yet we  can charter their course.

Today, Rebecca is 8 years post  transplant and a challenging 15 year old...YEA! We have also had the  recent though not unexpected course of divorce. Who do you think I  called? Andrea. I will forever be grateful for Andrea arriving in my  life just when I needed her most and remaining there as a guide, a  light, and my Angel here on earth.